Why my emails are going into spam folder?

There are many possibilities of landing your emails into the spam folder of your customers. Here we will explain to understand causes of this issue and solutions to get more of your emails reach the inbox. The one main reason is email marketing, although it is effective and can deliver instant results but sending unsolicited emails may also lead to blacklist your server IP and your own domain name. Act of sending spam/unsolicited emailing of company “introductory letters” or “promotional emails” is strictly prohibited on our servers. The datacenter takes zero tolerance against sending spam to purchased lists or safe lists crawled from google or related websites, which results in our IP space being blacklisted will be immediately suspended and/or terminated. That’s why our datacenter suggests that if you want to send promotional emails use different SMTP service.

There are lots of ways you can end up on a blacklist. Normally your readers often mark email marketings messages as spam/junk if they find them irrelevant, unsolicited, or annoying. So, If your emails get marked as spam, or ISPs see a sudden increase in email volume coming from your domain, you could get blacklisted. Sometimes it is not the matter of huge quantity of sent bulk emails; you can even blocked even after sending few emails if your recipients raise complain against your sent email.


  • Do not use primary domain/email address for email marketing
  • Use separate SMTP service to send marketing emails
  • Enable DKIM and SPF records for better email deliverability
  • Encourage your subscribers to add you to their address book
  • Send promotional emails to only “double opt-in list”
  • Always try to include a plain-text version of your message
  • Avoid using capital letters in your messages, especially in the subject line
  • Test the Spammyness of your marketing emails through www.mail-tester.com