My internet is ok but why only my own website/email not working?

Are you not able to open your website/webmail in browser?
Are you not able to send/receive emails through email software even internet is working?

Possibly your internet IP address is blocked by the server’s firewall due to security reasons. There may be several reasons, typically this is the result of too many failed login attempts through wrong passwords of cPanel, Email, FTP, etc. If you are sure that you’ve not tried wrong password(s) then this may be happen due to wrong attempts of another person/colleague on your same network (Internet IP).


To confirm whether that may be the case, you can test your website via a web service such as or (enter the URL of your website into the search field on the page) to see either the site appears down for everyone. You can also try opening your website via another network, such as from a phone or tablet over its cellular connection (3G,4G) after disabling WiFi on the device. If your website is working fine then it means your IP is blocked genuinely by our server’s firewall.

Here are some possible solutions If your IP is blocked.

  1. Provide us your IP by going to and call us +92-52-3250018-19 to whitelist your IP
  2. Try opening your website/email from different internet service provider
  3. Buy a dedicated IP from your internet service provider and we can whitelist it permanently
  4. Restart your router/DSL device to obtain a new shared IP (not recommended)