MailSuite 2.0 – Email Marketing Web Application

MailSuite 2.0 – Email Marketing Web Application

We provide MailSuite that is an all-in-one powerful email marketing software (web application) that includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing.



MailSuite 2.0 Hot Features:
– Schedule Email Campaigns in later dates
– Email Transmission Speed of 500 emails /hr (12,000 emails /day)
– Send Segmented/ Filtered Emails
– View Sent Email Campaigns
– View Email Campaigns Statistics (Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed)
– List Bounce Messages


MailSuite 2.0 web application = $480 /year


Why MailSuite 2.0?
1. No need of internet and computer once campaign is scheduled
2. Completely browser based web-application with no 3rd party logos
3. Send Now or Later (Schedule your campaign for later dates & time)
4. Email Personalization or Mail Merge (send emails with name & companies)
5. Easy to use (user-friendly application)
6. Email campaign statistics (email opening and link clicking report)
7. Professionally ready-made email templates (create, upload or customize existing email templates)
8. Import contacts from excel or .csv file (e.g. names, email addresses etc)
9. Built-in spam checking (check your marketing campaign if it contains any spam like keyword)
10. Automatic unsubscribes (users will be automatically removed if they don’t want to receive future emails)
11. Automatic bounce handling (Bounced emails are processed and removed from your list automatically)
12. Pause and Resume Email Campaigns
13. Suppress list management (exclude an email address or domain name)


Terms & Conditions:
1. The minimum subscription plan for the Newsletter is for 1 year and cannot be refunded once setup
2. We strongly recommend using separate domain for email marketing other than your primary domain
3. There is no guarantee of email deliverability to (gmail,hotmail,yahoo and similar email services)
4. Messages rejected due to spam contents/blacklisted domains cannot be entertained
5. MailSuite Newsletter installation/activation can take minimum 24-48 hours
6. We reserve the right to deactivate any subscription at any time without prior notice