Email Safety Tips

Recently there has been increased frequency of Password hacking and money transfer, for the safety of our customers we suggest you to read this message till end.

There are some hackers who send you email with subject “Email Storage Warning” or attachment “New Order”, “Money Transfer” or similar names to hack your password and snatch your money. They either ask you to provide your email user and password to place forwarder or filters to hack your account or particularly ask to open attachment to install the malware into your machine. Please DO NOT give away your password to anyone or never open irrelevant attachment.

We advise you to follow these simple steps to protect yourself.
1) More than 80% hacking/illegal money transfers are taking place with the help of “forwarders and filters”. You can request Computer Xperts on your company letterhead to lock the service of “forwarders and filters” so that the hackers cannot create new “Forwarders and Filters”. And whenever you would need this service again then we can unlock upon your request. Most importantly, whenever you request us to either enable or disable service of “forwarders and filters” then double-check yourself either this service has been enabled/disabled successfully or not.

2) For increased financial security please give strict instructions to your clients to send payment to your Bank only and do not send payment anywhere else, even if you ask them to do so, also ask them to get Verbal Confirmation from you before initiating any payment transfer.

3) Keep checking your email forwarders and filters atleast on weekly basis and If any irrelevant forwarder or filter found then scan your machine(s), remove irrelevant forwarder or filter and change all passwords including email address and cpanel.

4) Never open any attachment unless you know the sender is valid and attachment is valid.

5) Please change your password frequently; at-least once in a month and don’t trust any one (especially those who know computers) don’t tell your password to any body.

6) Never use same password for email/cpanel/websites.

7) Sometime email sender will ask you to click on some link and enter your existing password, please DO’NT do so.

8) After receiving this mail, change your passwords once for safety reasons.

New password should be at least 10 characters containing numbers and special characters also
It SHOULD NOT be similar to the old password,
It SHOULD NOT be a common word or name of anyone close to you.
It SHOULD BE a totally strange word with numbers without any meaning.

For example sialkot, lahore, karachi, sara, robot, 786, abc123, etc. etc. are BAD Passwords.
Whereas passwords like fkd#1wW2lk, lA$has12oEe,
zs@cDe45rdx etc. etc. are Good Passwords.

9) Do not using plaintext authentication on POP3 and IMAP, use only secure (SSL/TLS) mail settings.


If your machine is infected, Please scan the affected computers with one of the following anti-malware programs as they have been shown to clean recent strains of malware that resist detection by other programs.

MalwareBytes: (Best software)

Please scan the affected computers with one of the following anti-virus programs and maintain this program on all computers used to access the account.

Avast! Antivirus:
AVG Anti-Virus:
Microsoft Security Essentials:
Spybot Search & Destroy:
Super Anti-Sypware:
Trend Micro:

If you are using an Apple we suggest using the following program.


If you have any question then feel free to write back: