What happens when a domain expires?

Computer Xperts value our customers and always strives to entertain each of the concern timely and efficiently. Here we will explain what happens when a domain expires, goes into redemption period and finally releases after pending deletion.

What is domain expiry?
Each domain name has its own registration and expiration date. The Domain Registry marks any domain name as expired when domain does not get renewed before its expiry date. When a domain expires it becomes inactive immediately and all the services attached to it stops.
After a domain expires, grace period starts. In this period, the domain is disabled but it’s still possible to renew it. Our registrar offers 30 days grace period for domain renewal. You can renew your domain with standard renewal charges.

What is Redemption Period?
After the grace period, the domain may go into a redemption period for 30 days. To renew a domain in redemption period customer has to pay penalty of $250 (mandatory fee) plus your domain renewal amount. This mandatory fee is essentially a late penalty charged by the registry.

What does mean by the Pending Deletion?
Pending deletion period refers to the 7 days time frame after redemption period. During this time the registry holds the domain and it cannot be renewed. Once the Registry releases the domain it’s available on a first-come first-served basis for anyone to purchase as a new domain.

How to register domain after Pending Deletion?
After pending deletion period getting back your domain in not an easy task. During the Pending Delete period, you can process pre-registration payment so we can create the task to register your domain once it will be available after deletion. Our team can periodically check the availability of the domain in only between working hours (PST 09:00am to 06:00pm – Mon-Sat) and If someone else register this domain then we will issue the full refund of your paid amount or alternatively you can ask us to register a different domain name to host your current website.

How computer Xperts strongly followup our customers to renew the domain timely?
We know that how much important your domains for you and trouble you faces when it expires but there is nothing we deliberately do to let it expire. We use multiple mediums to reach our customers to get their domains renewed timely. Our Billing systems renews the domain automatically when we feed the receipt of the payment.

Here is how we remind you periodically to renew the domain timely.
1. We send Qty5 auto domain expiry alerts on your email address to renew your domain
2. We send even personal/manual email by our dedicated recovery officer
3. We send Qty5 SMS alerts of domain expiry on available mobile number under your ledger
4. Our billing department calls on your mobile/phone number periodically for the domain renewal
5. We send official Invoice through TCS Courier before domain expiry