Backup Restoration Policy

A website backup is maintaining copy of your website contents like website code files, databases, images, add-ons, plugins, or themes used by your website. We strongly recommend to always keep updated backup of your website/emails in a USB or any other media. In some cases at any time we may re-configure your domain setup and during this setup your uploaded data may delete or your site may also be deleted due to outdated scripts managed in your website coding and we will NOT be responsible for any loss of data.

This is user’s own responsibility to have updated backup of their site.


Our datacenter provides backup restoration service but the availability of the backup is not guaranteed. These backups are intended for emergency situations such as file system failures or mass data loss as a result of a system failure. We encourage customers to take frequent backups of their websites and should not rely on datacenter backups. The datacenter makes every effort to protect your data by utilizing the latest in storage & backup technology. Datacenter’s automatic backup service runs once a month on a random day, and each run overwrites any previous backups.

The datacenter requires a $50 processing fee to complete a restore request or to provide a copy of the recent available backup.