Why forwarders and filters feature is hidden in cpanel?

Why Forwarders and Filters feature is hidden?
More than 80% hacking/illegal money transfers are taking place with the help of “Forwarders and Filters”. There are some hackers who send you email with subject “Email Storage Warning” or attachment “New Order”, “Money or Bank Transfer” or similar names to hack your password and snatch your money. They either ask you to provide your email user and password to place forwarder or filters to hack your account or particularly ask to open attachment to install the malware into your machine.


For the maximum security of our clients, our datacenter has hidden the service of “Forwarders and Filters” so that the hackers would not be able to create new “Forwarders and Filters”. And whenever you would need this service then we can arrange to unlock upon your request. Most importantly, whenever you request us to either enable or disable service of “forwarders and filters” then double-check yourself either this service has been enabled/disabled successfully or not.

If you want to keep it enable the feature of “Forwarders and Filters” and then we strongly advise you to keep checking your email forwarders and filters atleast on weekly basis and If any irrelevant forwarder or filter found then scan your machine(s), remove irrelevant forwarder or filter and change all passwords including email address and cpanel.

NOTE: If you want to see how email hacking actually works then follow below link of full demonstration. https://faq.xperts.net.pk/how-email-hacking-works.html