Unauthorized access alerts of Xpertspanel CMS.

When accessing the website via mail.domain.com, following error occurs because the site was designed for the primary domain, not its subdomains.

The CMS solution, known as “xpertspanel” created by Computer Xperts, is restricted to operate solely for its intended domain. If someone backs up the website from domain1.com and configures it on domain2.com, an unauthorized message will appear due to CMS key mismatch. This security measure also triggers if attempting to run the website domain.com under the existing subdomain e.g. mail.domain.com.

Upon unauthorized access to the site, an email with the visitor’s IP address is automatically generated and sent to the security department. You can safely ignore these alerts or alternatively, you can reach your Project Manager to ask him to stop generating similar alerts.

P.s. Please note that in the updated version of xpertspanel, we’ve eliminated the trigger that sends emails for unauthorized access.

If you have further questions then you may reach us WhatsApp: 0313-4710222 or email helpdesk @ xperts.net.pk