Website and Emails both are not working

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) sometimes block the server IP ranges in the ISP firewall due to which your website or emails can stop working. At the same time you will be able to open other websites but only effected IP ranges like your own website does not work. If you simply change your internet or ask any friend or colleague of different internet service provider then you will be acknowledged that your website is loading up fine there.

How do you check yourself that your website is working fine?
If you open your website on any proxy free website then it loads up fine. You can trying opening your website on any of the following proxy free website.

How do I check webmail If my ISP has blocked my domain?

You can check your webmail from the following link.

I wanted to check my emails in Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird?

You would need to install any proxy software to bypass the ISP blockage and you can try UltraSurf or Betternet as per following links.
Ultra Surf:

I wanted to check webmail with only my own domain?
If you do not want to use then you can install an extension “browsec” in your browser chrome and you will be able to open

Why my ISP has blocked my website?

There may be several reasons of this blockage. Your ISP might be updating the server firewall or it may be inappropriate server configuration at your ISP that blocked several IP ranges including your website.

How do I unblock my website from my ISP?

You may call to your ISP’s helpline number and can ask to unblock your domain/IP. You can get your IP address by typing your domain into following link.


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