Under Hacker’s attack? Victim’s Checklist!

Victim’s Checklist

  1. Report our Support team that how you come to know that you’re hacked
  2. Scan all relevant Computer(s) with Malware Bytes
  3. Check Cpanel Forwarders and Global/User-Level Filters
  4. Login into Webmail > Check Email Identities
    – Roundcube > Settings > Identities
    – Horde > Settings > Preferences then Global Preferences > Personal Information > Default identity
  5. Provide headers information of hacker’s email


  1. Call/WhatsApp/Email customers that you use only one bank account and will not responsible for any transfer other than shared bank account.
  2. Use custom email’s signature as follows
  3. Remove archived emails data and store in your computer only as follows.
  4. Keep you email Forwarders and Filters hidden
  5. Change your email passwords every month
  6. Scan your computer with Malware Byte to remove all malwares