Unable to send emails to Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo has implemented very strong junk mail filtering algorithms and if those filters detect a message as Spam; they block the message from being sent to them. A message might be blocked if it contains suspicious-looking, spammy text and is bulk promotion. If your multiple recipients keep marking your email as spam then Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo can also automatically discard similar emails and bounce back to the sender with the similar statement “Our system has detected that this message is likely unsolicited mail”.

There is no guarantee of successful delivery of unsolicited (promotional) emails to Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo and no one can give you 100% guarantee of similar emails delivery due to their strong spam detection filters. If you sent a transactional email or business correspondence instead of the promotional email then we advise you to send your emails from your own server regardless of separate SMTP. Moreover, we are happy to help If you are having any bounce message while sending promotional emails to pop domains from your separate SMTP service.

For more informations you can contact us via Phone: +92-52-3250018-19-27 or Email: helpdesk @ xperts.net.pk.