Free SSL or Paid SSL?

Difference between Free SSL and Paid SSL

You may be already aware of importance of have SSL certificate protect your website, but hesitate in which one to choose between Paid SSL and Free SSL. Lets take a look at them before you make decision.











Let’s be honest, no one can give something away for free and remain in business for very long.  Some organizations today provide free SSL Certificates, relying solely on automated systems that skip authentication to keep costs extremely low. These organizations often provide add-on services for a fee, or are funded by third-party organizations with deep pockets.

Authentication is critical to online trust. Authentication provides the assurance that you’re at the real bank website, and not a fake phishing site. CAs that include identity authentication in their certificates follow strict rules for verifying identity of organizations, individuals, and the authority to request SSL Certificates on behalf of organization. Free SSL Certificates don’t rely on performing authentication checks or identify verification, making them a prime candidate for fraudulent websites today.