Checklist to diagnose the Email Issues

Incoming OK, Outgoing NOT OK

01. Use port 26 with encrypted connection as “Auto”.
02. Verify outgoing ports SSL (465/587) and non-SSL (25/26)
03. Enable SMTP authentication
More/Advance Settings > Outgoing Server > check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”
04. Disable Antivirus, VPN, Firewalls
05. Try different ISP (Internet Service Provider) or test through mobile data (hotspot)
06. Check webmail If nothing works
07. Check internet IP address in Server’s Firewall and Bruteforce Protection
05. Other General issues
– Domain/Hosting expired or suspended
– Disk usage quota finished
– Outgoing limit exceeded
– Outgoing suspended from cpanel
– Use updated windows
– Use updated email clients (outlook, thunderbird etc)
– If Outlook not working then try installing Thunderbird or vice versa

Email Receiving Issues

  1. Check incoming mail server for domain, primary server (SSL), IP
  2. Check username as complete email address
    Check port as 110 as POP and 995 as SSL