Why FTP service is disabled on the server?

FTP is Disabled on Server Due to Security Reasons


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has long been a common method for transferring files between computers over a network.
However, due to its inherent security vulnerabilities, the datacenter has disabled FTP on the server as part of an extra effort to enhance data security and protect sensitive information of its users.

Security Concerns with FTP:
FTP sends data, including usernames, passwords, and file content, in plain text format.
This lack of encryption makes it sensitive to various forms of cyberattacks,such as eavesdropping, data interception,and password sniffing. The data breaches and unauthorized access are significant concerns,
using FTP for file transfers poses a considerably risk to the confidentiality of the data being transferred.
Due to these reasons the datacenter has disabled the FTP on server.

Alternative of FTP:

If FTP is disabled on the server, you’ll need to use alternative methods to upload your website to cPanel. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this using cPanel’s File Manager:

Access your cPanel account using your provided credentials and then locate and click on the “File Manager” icon within the cPanel interface. In file manager, navigate to the directory where you want to upload your website files. Typically, this will be the public_html directory if you want your website to be accessible from the main domain. Once you’re in the desired directory, click on the “Upload” button a file upload dialog will appear. Browse your computer’s files and select the website files you want to upload. After selecting the files, click the “Upload” button to begin the file upload process.